Everything You Must Know About Cockroaches?

One of the biggest fear of man is that of cockroaches in their property.  Their long life and surviving in the worst conditions makes them found almost anywhere. As these creatures prefer dark, moist and warmer environments and known to spread different kinds of dangerous bacterias.Cockroach control is necessary because these pests can cause serious allergies and health ailments to you and your family. You can go for the top best pest control service provider in Brisbane if you wanted to save money and time by dealing with our pest Control services across Brisbane.

Cockroaches Pest Control

Here Is All You Need To Know About Cockroaches

Types Of Cockroaches

In Brisbane, you’ll find three types of cockroaches. Which are commonly found in homes, buildings and all other residential and commercial properties?

These 3 Types Of Cockroaches Include

  • Australian cockroaches, American cockroaches and German cockroach.
  • Mostly spotted Oriental cockroach, smoky-brown cockroach and Brown-banded cockroaches.

Spotting Cockroaches

Since dinosaurs roamed the planet, cockroaches are here millions of years longer than humans.

  • Roaches are spotted in dark hiding spaces attracted to damp.
  • The best spot to start is from your home basement, storage areas or at the backyard of your property which is a prime spot for cockroach infestations.
  • Nearby areas that have leaky pipes or pools of moisture, you can spot these pests there easily
Cockroach Control

Cockroach Control

How You Should Handle The Cockroaches

  • It is important to take help from a pest control service if preserving the health and safety of your home is important to you.
  • Doing cockroach pest control your own will truly take over more time and effort because the average person simply doesn’t have the patience and dedication to spot and remove roaches.

Interesting Facts About Cockroaches

These insects have been on our planet earth since the beginning of time.

If you cut off the head of a cockroach it can still survive for up to a week and they are fast and can run as fast as 3 miles per hour.

They can hold their breath longer than you can 40 minutes and also they can survive without food for a month and after mating only once a few females can stay pregnant throughout their life.

Pest Control Service

Pest Control Service

Hire Professionals

Professional pest controller at Female Choice Pest Control, here we’ve become more and more knowledgeable about the dangers of pests, pest control will only gain importance by protecting homes, food and clothing supplies and health are paramount concerns. Being able to do all of these things while saving money is just as important. In order to prevent the spread of disease and continue to ensure fresh supplies of fruits and vegetables, pest control becomes increasingly vital to our health, well-being, and continued prosperity. So book us today and for more information on our pest control services special offers call us.