How to Remove Borer Infestation from Your Home?

Are borers destroying your costly furniture? These beetles are dangerous at the larval stage. They chew the wood and make the wooden structures hollow. You would often notice exit holes, wood crumbles, and wood dust near the furniture if a borer infestation exists in your house. Borer eradication must be done at an initial stage to prevent further destruction. The borer control Brisbane specialists know the best ways to remove the beetles.

Why Borer Infestation is Harmful?

A house owner can suffer from massive loss because of borer infestation. These pests usually attack hardwoods and trees. Borers make holes in the furniture to lay their eggs. They need a space where they can keep their eggs safely. They prefer cracks, crevices and exit holes to lay eggs. Within a few weeks, the eggs hatch and larvae come out. These larvae develop in wooden or timber structures for about 3-4 years. After reaching the adult stage, these pests eat away the wood timber.

Do you know a borer can lay up to 200 eggs in a lifetime? If they continue to grow on your property, they can cause severe damage. So, you must stop them from damaging other items. Read below to know various ways that you can follow to remove borer infestation.

Removal of Borer Infestation from Home

Borers are hard to remove. But, they can be eliminated with help of the right strategies. If you have already noticed signs of borer infestation in your home, then you must follow the tips listed below to get rid of these pests.

  1. Direct Exposure to Sunlight

The best way to kill borers is to provide them with enough exposure to sunlight. You can keep the infected wooden object outside under the sun. The borers are attracted to moisture but sunlight makes the wood dry.

  1. Sealing

If you want to remove borers from your home, then you must seal all the cracks, voids and holes prevent in the wooden or timber furniture. This step would restrict the borers into new objects.

  1. Chemical Treatments

Use anti-borer fluid to kill the borers. There are two ways of using insecticides for killing borers. Fumigation is the first technique where poisonous fumes are sprayed on the infected furniture. Secondly, you can ask borer removal Brisbane experts to make inject the pesticides directly into the holes for target killing.

  1. Freezing Treatment

For small furniture or wooden objects, you can use a freezing treatment to make them borer-free. Simply, drape the infested object in a big freezer for around 13-14 days. Borers are not able to tolerate too low temperatures and die due to freezing. This method is safe for the skin and respiratory tract as harmful chemicals are not used in it.

  1. Heat Treatment

Insects like bed bugs, wood borers and cockroaches can be killed with help of high temperatures. Heat is effective in exterminating the borers from the furniture. But, you might cause damage to wood during the procedure. So, it is essential to hire experts for this method.

  1. Call Pest Control Specialists on Time

Sometimes, people don’t book the services at an early stage. Because of this delay, the borers increase in number and cause more harm. If you to protect your wooden items and health from harm, then seek help from experts at the right time. Professionals choose the best products and use the best techniques to kill borers. The experts try to eliminate the root cause of the problem. They use insect growth regulators to kill the larvae. They disrupt the biological cycle to control the borer population naturally.


Borer infestation is a big threat to your property. From trees to chairs, these pests can ruin everything. The methods listed above could be beneficial in eradicating these pests from the property. You can employ them to control the outburst of borer infestation. If you are looking for pest control Brisbane specialists, then you can choose Female Choice Pest Control.