Are Huntsman Spiders Dangerous?

Huntsman Spiders
Who has not seen spiders? We all see them in nooks and corners especially the ceilings of our houses and workplaces! Spiders are famous and also notorious for their silken webs and nets. That is why spiders are known as Net Kings! There are various species of spiders of which the Huntsman Spider is one. Let us know more about spider control Brisbane and find answers to are huntsman spiders dangerous!

What Are “Huntsman Spiders?
Huntsman spiders belong to the Sparassidae family, formerly known as Heteropodidae. Their speed and their mode of hunting their prey, gives them the name. Their size and appearance also give them the name of giant crab spiders. Larger species of these are also referred to as wood spiders, going by their dwelling in woody places like forests, mine shafts, woodpiles or wooden shacks.
These net kings are amazing creatures. Their voluminous population can however, bring various health risks.

Huntsman Spider Facts:
Male giant huntsman spiders, Heteropoda Maxima attain a legspan of 25–30 centimetres. People confuse large species with tarantulas, but huntsman spiders are identifiable by their legs, which extend forward in a crab-like fashion. Several species of the huntsman spider, use unusual forms of motion. The Wheel spider (Carparachne Aureoflava) uses cartwheeling motion while the Cebrennus Rechenbergi usesaa handspring motion.

Questions such as “are huntsman spiders dangerous?” or “are huntsman spiders dangerous to dogs?” are frequently asked. Most are so poisonous, that even their urine can cause marks, irritation or burning. Huntsman spiders brown or grey and have undersides marked black and white. They live under rocks, bark etc but humans encounter them in sheds, garages and undisturbed places. Other varieties are the banded huntsman (Holconia), the badge huntsman (Neosparassus), the tropical or brown huntsman (Heteropoda) etc.

Are Huntsman Spiders Poisonous in Australia?
In Australia or elsewhere, spiders are venomous creatures. Spider bites are infrequent. In fact, spiders are rarely life-threatening. Anti-venom funnel-web and redback spiders are available but used only in rare cases.
Spider venom can be harmful to humans, but humans’ immune system produces antibodies to fight the effects of the toxin. Spider venom is designed for small prey. Huntsman spiders are widespread in Australia. They are reluctant to bite and more likely to run away if approached. Their venom is not considered dangerous for humans. Despite their intimidating size, huntsman spiders can be an ally in the house; they help with pest-control by eating smaller insects.

How To Get Rid of Huntsman Spiders?
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