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Many seasonal pests invade homes and offices to get their food supply. They breed and increase their population within a few days. The pests like birds, possums, spiders and ants become dangerous after a few days. They attack humans, contaminate food and even cause harm to health. That’s why Female Choice Pest Control provides a complete range of pest control treatments.

Our pest control Cashmere experts have the experience and skill to eradicate different types of pest species from a property. Affordability, 7 days availability and same-day booking and free quote are some benefits that we provide to our customers. The pest control services offered by our company have no ill effects on health and the environment. If you want to get rid of annoying pests, then contact us and book the service.

Female Choice Pest Control is one of the most reliable and customer-friendly companies regarding the extermination of pests. With the latest technology tools and safe methods, we can control pest infestation without any hassle. We have been offering effective and safe pest control services in Cashmere and its surrounding areas for more than 20 years. With our magnificent services & immediate customer response, Our staff is composed entirely of highly skilled professionals who will provide with best results & 100% money-back guarantee. Our team of experts gives pest control services in Cashmere and gives the best solutions for all your pest-related issues. Call us on 0734779965 to book pest control services.

Process of Pest Extermination

In our company, we believe in performing the best practices for pest management. Our pest control Cashmere experts follow a certain procedure to eliminate pests. To know about our process in detail, you must read the following points:



To inspect the property, we check every corner. In a thorough inspection phase, we find several details like the root cause of pest infestation, property area, type of pest species and damage done by pests.


Personalised Pest Control Strategy

When all the data is gathered, our experts make a plan. It helps in guiding the entire team in the perfect direction. Estimated duration, estimated result, product selection and treatment types are written in the plan.


Personalised Pest Control Strategy

With help of some useful techniques like fumigation, dusting, spraying and sanitisation, our experts destroy the pests from a property. Our experts also destroy the nests and kill the eggs and larvae of the pests.



Our team of professionals always wait for a few days after the treatment and then sees the results. They analyse whether the chemical treatments and bait stations have shown the desired results or not.

Pest Control Services are as follows

Female Choice Pest Control has been providing various services across Cashmere for many years. Our services are known for their quality and reliability. Some of our popular services are listed here:

Bed Bugs Control Service

Do you notice red marks, inflammation and itchiness on your body in the morning? Does your bed sheet get spoiled because of brown or red coloured spots? These signs indicate that your bed is infested with bed bugs. You can call us and book our bed bugs control service. We would use the safest techniques to eliminate bed bugs from your home or office.

Cockroach Control Service

If your child is suffering from a stomach infection, then you must get your house checked by professionals. Cockroaches can cause infections after contaminating food and utensils. In our cockroach control Cashmere service, we exterminate these pests with help of effective pesticides.

Rodent Control Service

Book our rodent control Cashmere service and get the mice and rats removed from your property within a few days. Our team would reach your property and use rodenticides to kill the rodents. There are no side effects of products used by us. We would remove the rodents from every corner and give you excellent prevention tips.

Wasp Control Service

To protect your loved ones from wasp stings, you must seek help from our wasp control experts. They would remove the nest and spray pesticides to control wasp infestation. Your residence or workplace would become a safe place after our treatment.

Spider Control Services

Do you find spiders in almost every corner of the house? Some species of spiders are lethal and they should not be allowed to stay. You can book our spider control service from our company. We would bring our products and tools to kill the spiders.

Benefits of Booking Pest Control Services

Whenever you find pests, make it a point to book pest control services. The treatments offered by our company could provide you with various benefits:

  • Prevention of Diseases: Pest control specialists kill the disease-causing pests. They ensure that no pest is left on the property after the treatment. From protected species to poisonous species, all the pests are eradicated by us. You can hire specialists and prevent the risks like allergies and infections.
  • Protection of Property: Borers, ants, wasps, moths and rats are some annoying pests that cause harm to property. Things like clothes, furniture, electrical appliances and wooden structures. By booking pest control services, you can protect your property.
  • Convenient and Quick: Pest control services help provide you relief within a few days. The experts remove pests from every corner without disturbing you. They use safe products and don’t harm your property. You can even resume daily activities within a few hours.
  • Customised Treatments: Female Choice Pest Control customises the treatments according to pest types and intensity of pest infestation. This is one of the biggest advantages of booking pest control services.

End of Lease Pest Control in Cashmere

Isn’t it stressful to have conflicts with the landlord before shifting the apartment? You can make your exit smooth by hiring experts from our company. Our end of lease pest control service is designed to remove pests from commercial and residential places.

Leaving the pests on a property is neither good for the property nor for the health of the next tenant. This is why your landlord can retain the bond amount. If you want the security deposit back, then go ahead and book our end of lease service.

Why Choose Female Choice Pest Control?

Female Choice Pest Control is one of the leading service providers in Cashmere that offers a complete solution to all your pest infestation issues. Due to our customer-friendly services, quick response system, and budget-friendly pricing, people rely on us all over Cashmere .
Our effective pest management process makes sure that you get the best results. We have a very reliable treatment plan for all your pest-related requirements, including ant control service.
We offer the best pest control treatment along with preventive tips at a reasonable cost. So, if you are looking for inexpensive and effective pest control services, do reach out to us!

Quick, reliable expert services

Fully licensed and certified technicians

Hassle-free services

Eco-friendly products and chemicals

More than 20 years of experience in the industry

To experience the most reliable pest control service at a reasonable price, contact Female Choice Pest Control right away. You can avail of the services even on weekends and other holidays as our experts are available 24*7.


Q. How long do pest control services last?
The impact of pest control service can last up to a year. But, if your house is susceptible to seasonal pests more frequently, you should hire pest control specialists quarterly.

Q. Is the procedure of pest control service time-consuming?
No, the pest control procedure is not time-consuming. Within a few hours, our team would inspect the property and spray the pesticides. Our professionals also quickly remove the eggs and nests of different pests.

Q. Do you provide emergency pest control services in Cashmere?
Yes, Female Choice Pest Control offers emergency pest control services. If you need pest control treatments urgently, feel free to contact us. Our team will be there at your home or office on the same day.

Q. What is the price of pest control services in Cashmere?
The price of the service is based on several factors such as the intensity of pest infestation, pest species and the area of the property. To get a quote, you can call us.

Q. What are the aspects that you can consider while choosing pest control services?
You can consider aspects like the experience of professionals, affordability, quality of products, and treatment type while choosing pest control services.

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